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Gurj and Hemina | London, UK

Category: E-sessions

I met Gurj (the groom) in 2012 at his sisters civil ceremony in the heavy February snow. Then again in March for their indian wedding in sunny Goa.

Over the four days spent in Goa capturing the beautiful wedding of Guv and Jas (aka Jashn films). We all got on so well and became good friends – so when I found out Gurj was getting married to his beautiful wife Hemina, I was over the moon to know I would meet everyone from the family once again, and absolutely delighted to be able to capture and be a part of their special day.

Here are a few images from their pre-wedding shoot where we spent the afternoon in London getting to know each other and sharing ideas for their big day…

Gurj and Hemina blog

Gurj and Hemina blog 2

Gurj and Hemina blog 3

Gurj and Hemina blog 4

Gurj and Hemina blog 5

Gurj and Hemina blog 6

Gurj and Hemina blog 7

Gurj and Hemina blog 8

Gurj and Hemina blog 9

I remember first meeting with Arti and Sunil. Arti was so charming and had such a beautiful smile. Sunil showed great interest in photography so he had plenty of questions, which I love.They had such loving and warm energy, I knew instantly that I wanted to shoot their wedding.

We discussed ideas on their e-session. I like this shoot to reflect the couple their special relationship and therefore took their lead.

We talked about how they met, the dates they went on and their interests, where I learnt that Arti was a huge Bollywood fan. This led to the shoot in the field, where he had so much fun!

We also shot some of the e-session at the restaurant where Sunil proposed, which was obviously a special place for them both.

This e-session was just the beginning of working with Arti and Sunil, they are such a beautiful couple and have such amazing energy. I looked very much forward to shooting the wedding…

Arti and sunil 1 Arti and sunil 2

Of course you’re going to have an incredible photography session when the couple your working with is as charismatic fun loving and gorgeous as Simon and Guppy. They were in their element!

Stratford Upon Avon was a natural choice for the shoot, it is so idyllic, romantic and the birth place to Shakespeare – one of the world’s greatest romantics.

It was wonderful to watch them interact together, even as they set up their picnic! They were both so considerate of one another, laughing, teasing and joking the whole time.

As you can see from the images, they both were naturals in front of the lens, almost forgetting I was even there. Their kind souls and laughter were fun and effortless to shoot and I had great enjoyment looking back on such a fun day!



I actually did a shoot with Irin a few years ago, so I was more than excited when she introduced me to her fiancé at their indian engagement ceremony. He has great charisma! Such classic Essex charm, very real and raw. And it surprised me when Irin shared that he was shy about the photo shoot.

So for this occasion I wanted to keep the location close to home, personal, intimate and private.

The session was pure fun and joy. The energy that these two bought o the camera was unbelievable, it was hilarious trying to keep up and capture everything! Dalj wasn’t as shy as I expected and I think that was due to the fact that they were so happy and comfortable in each other’s company. It was almost as though they had forgotten I was there!

It was great to capture a couple so natural, comfortable and content. And it really highlighted the importance of chemistry and location.



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