My name is San Garcha and this is my world.

I am a photographer and I live by the philosophy that life is one big celebration. I love to bask in this celebration myself and love those who do. My camera loves them too. And together we set out to meet like-minded people and give them a slice of their memorable moments to remember and enjoy forever!

I draw the inspiration of my art from life in its million shades and flavours. Where time slips through our fingers faster then we can register, I have made it my mission to make moments into memories.

I think with my camera and shoot with my heart.

My Style

As a photographer my biggest strength is my absolute love for simplicity.

I guess it comes from my belief in the sanctity of emotions. Therefore I’d rather capture emotions in all their unadulterated glory. And that comes through in the final product.

Wedding photography is definitely my forte. Apart from the fact that weddings make for wonderful, timeless moments; I love to capture the beauty, the chaos, the absolute madness and the whole medley of sentiments that come aboard the wedding bandwagon. Why lie, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by festivities on the pretext of work!

I am fundamentally organised and a stress free person. This love for clean simplicity translates not only to what I do, but also how I do it.
Being a master at blending in and generally being the amicable person that I am, it comes effortlessly to me to make my clients feel 100 percent comfortable and that lets me capture their natural radiance and spirit in its true element.

Every day at work for me is more rewarding than the last. To the envy of many friends I cannot wait to get my hands on my camera and go to work every morning! And the biggest testimonials are the people who came to me as clients but are now some of my best friends for life.
My life is one crazy love affair with my camera. Having being exposed to both photography and cinematography, it wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that my worldview has taken shape through my lens!


Where do you picture yourself when you need the most to be at home? What do you think of when it rains outside or when a familiar scent is adrift?
A first crush, a late night drive, a text message that changed everything. What do you see?
Fleeting images, flashes of people, a proposal, a school playground even.
A moment that froze, enveloping within it a feeling that descends upon the consciousness like a little flake of snow, one time or another or all the time. Its moments like these, like time capsules, that remind us of that which defines our view of life.

I have always been asked about what my passion is. And with every answer I gave I knew I was coming closer to what it really is.
I can tell you today. It is this.
Making time capsules of memories that burst like bubbles of fresh water time after time, all the time. Everyday I’m grateful that I found what I live for.
I found the love of my life, my obsession, my addiction- my work!

If you would also like a time capsule that’s just yours, write to me or call me, lets talk about it.