Imagine life is a giant scrapbook. Every page is a bright colourful collage of carefully handpicked moments. Moments of joy and ecstasy, of tenderness and love, of pride and achievement. We specialise in embellishing the pages of the giant scrapbook of your life. We are the instruments that take you back in time to relive the magical moments that have designed the course of your memories. We are Sancha Photography, providing 360-degree solutions for all your photography and cinematography needs (with a special soft corner for weddings of course!)


My name is San Garcha and this is my world.
I am a photographer and I live by the philosophy that life is one big celebration. I love to bask in this celebration myself and love those who do. My camera loves them too. And together we set out to meet like-minded people and give them a slice of their memorable moments to remember and enjoy forever!